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Travis Pernell Williams 


Founder & Principal Designer

“I believe that your home should be one that you are proud to live in and show off to family and friends. You worked for it, so, live in the moment!”


     Travis Pernell is passionate about designing bountiful and timeless spaces for his clients. With his background studies in Interior Design, he has refined his vision over the years for resourceful problem-solving and creating functional, yet luxurious homes. Since the tender age of 10 years old, Williams has exercised his love for interior design. In 2019, he decided to turn his passion into his profession.

   Since then, Travis Pernell Interiors has produced a wide variety of projects ranging from full-home redesigns to updated and detailed orientated decor. His most memorable projects includes the use of natural materials, saturated tones, and a mix of traditional modern design elements. His undeniable taste and style, bring a youthful flair to the design industry. In all, Travis takes pride in being one of Dallas' leading elite designers

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